As an anthropologist, I have done fundamental theoretical and methodological research and fieldwork on the role of generations in the democratisation process (Breimer 2006, cum laude, Anthropology Academic thesis of the year award), and this field continues to facinate me a lifetime, from any angle really.

With this field of democracy and generations, I mostly follow my intuition really on how it can be relevant for policy. It is a slower field, a bit like land is, systemic also. Generation formation and demarcation can often only be established in hindsight.

I became involved in the field of actual decent job creation, through my hands-on work within an expert consortium under the lead of a private consultancy firm, Challenge Fund for Youth Employment. This program goes to scale by aiming to deliver 200.000 jobs for young people across 23 countries in the Middle East and Africa.
The program is part of the Youth at Heart Strategy of the NL Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If you are interested in this topic or looking for consultancy at policy level (or otherwise), please don't hesitate to reach out.

Currently, I am working on a theoretical paper on generations, crises and employment, illustrated with the case of millenials in Spain, for the 3rd International Conference on European Studies at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission (EC) in Italy, Milan this summer (submission early in April 2021). I was part of an earlier expert workshop at the JRC before, in 2015, related to sprawl in Europe (see Presentation).

A documentary on the Double Crisis Generation is in the making about the Millenials in the South of Europe, and I expect that many lessons can be drawn for Generation Lockdown (ILO) now forming. My theoretical work is done and must be translated. I'm currently engaged in organising the focus group discussions for the case, and collaborating on that with external experts on decent work and employment in the South of Europe (London and BRC based).

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