In 2004, I did my fieldwork in Leon, Nicaragua. It is here that I first met the team of Nuevas Esperanzas. It was an incredible experience to be able to spend so much time with the UK founders, and see the organisation grow from its very beginning (they officially started in 2005).

Ever since I got my first job, I have been supporting the work the team undertakes in communities surrounding Leon. I believe in its approach, in the fact that the team is mostly comprised by professionals from Nicaragua itself, and in the way it is led.

Now I want to take the opportunity of having this website to feature the teams' work, and share with others the inspiration it is to me. It is interesting that the exploration here on this website has so much overlap with the work of the Nicaraguan team when it comes to access to safe and affordable water.

He who brings rain, brings hope.
Hope is rain.
Nuevas Esperanzas - New Hope.

If you too are intersted in supporting the work of the team too, find more information here: Nuevas Esperanzas - Donate.

The largest and lowest Central American country, Nicaragua boasts both an extraordinary blend of flora and fauna and a turbulent history.

Nicaragua continues to be amongst the poorest countries of Latin America and many suffer under extreme poverty. It is also a country prone to natural disasters, such as vulcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods. The economy is based on a limited range of exports, resulting in vulnerability, dependency and concentration of resources and power into the hands of a wealthy elite.

In 2018, an initial demostration about pensions, grew into uprisings across the country, reflecting many of the grievances about the governments' time in office.

To date, the national crisis remains unresolved. Nevertheless, Nuevas Esperanzas is working without being directly hindered by the socio-political crisis.

Nuevas Esperanzas UK works for the relief of poverty in Nicaragua:

"We are a young and professional organisation serving poor communities in Nicaragua through projects which provide practical and technical assistance in support of long-term sustainable development."

Nuevas Esperanzas serves rural communities in Nicaragua from its base in the historic city of Leon on the Pacific coastal plain in the west of the country. When it comes to water, Nuevas Esperanzas works in the so-called hillside communities which are part of the Mountain Rain programme. The names of the four communities are: Agua Fria, El Caracol, El Najo and El Ojochal.

Nuevas Esperanzas has already undertaken various projects related to water. Water harvesting is a important aspect of the work. Find out more about the projects here: Projects.

Find a video about Nuevas Esperanzas' water projects here: With your help many dreams can come true.

For photographs of the work being done see: Photoalbum.