The very reason, I came back to independent consultancy is exactly this: the freedom to give you honest, true advise, directly with you as a client - on your needs, what you inspires you, where you need expertise -

and be light, swift, between teams, organisations, firms, governments, developers, in the realisation of stellar fit for purpose open-building framework - ready for you to make come alive.

I offer solid consultancy to clients on how to go about 'live time' completely afresh, infused with all these new understandings and options.

I don't actually teach or train myself - I interact more high-over with the client.
If it seems to be useful, I may consider the option of coming with a teaching/trainer team to observe and interact about it - with the purpose of actual meaningful conclusions for how the blended environment should be developed. Or with my advisory on varous options to make the live time even better.

I am well equiped to scope for you within an organisation, or a consortium, or a corporate, a government, what is needed, what people want.
And translate that to consise proposals - high over - coupled with concrete budget trade-offs and options for implementation.

In the case of teachers, trainers I prefer to call it, alongside advisory.
I never mean to tell anyone what to do in teaching/training - indeed I love to offer that autonomy. So many teachers/trainers, so many styles.

My consultancy is about the basic principles that form the framework that is open yet robust over time- and well informed.

I can advise you on budget trade-offs, negotiations thereof, how to design your live time (days, location, preparation) etc etc (see also feedback).
Broad brushed sketches with solid number indications - I'll leave the details to the teachers/trainers.

- this alongside advisory - coupled with budget trade-off tools - may be secretly what I do the best stellar job on.

Following the logics (budget, exclusive time) of 'live' time learning, I translate the implications, needs and options back into the remote/blended part of learning platforms for professionals.

To be able to follow that up with you - if you are interested - in a way that completely encompasses all of the above -
- offering you maximum autonomy to build and create, plus no-nonesense, and resilience -
our studio develops light, lean open-buildling frameworks, with dynamic modules.

Curious: have a browse through the various options in the menu, to infuse a new understanding in you of the post-lockdown world of blended learning.

If you need it, I can also give consultancy on the actual roll-out (internationally), pilots, learning, experimentation, learning, feeding it all back, further roll out, rolling wave plannings etc.

My approach for continuing to learn in teaching/training technical expertise, is through continued interest in my own technical expertise.

When it comes to technical consultancy assignments, I am particularly interested in collaborating with inspiring people who are good at what they do, and pleasant to work with, to try and affect policy based on their expertise.

My knowledge, understanding and skills across the themes of legitimate democratisation, land, water and employment, are reflected in my CV, the gallery of this portfolio, publications, working experience and global network.

The Creative Valley from the inside. A matter of breathing it all in as an artist;
working and collaborating here is in a high quality environment, which makes sense.

Not just time, but even the quality of the attention of experts with high fees, is the most expensive here -
what can the environment do for you, to enable you, at a human level, to perform optimally, even excell?

The human body, after all, is sensitive - and so is the brain.

You also see a glimpse of the work of art by a befriended gifted artist - Tim van de Weerd.
Plants are scientifically proven to improve the environment for working and learning.
This artist was challenged to fill the entire building with his art. See him at work below and on his site.

I come back often - to work here.