ART and the quality of the LEARNING ENVIRONMENT
You can tell, when a pedagogical environment was made with attention.

I deeply understand the urge of a teacher/trainer to offer an environment that fosters learning, and if you always taught 'live', now how may the environment you used to create translate to an online environment?

Online means visual - the environment is visual on the screen of the learner.

Equally to how, in Montessori education, or in Reggio Emilia (see Smidt 2013 on Malaguzzi), the pedagogue pays great attention to the layout and cleanliness of the classroom - likewise, you will have to as well. And there will be a gradiant in that, quality versus pragmatism.

My experience as a teacher/trainer at least, is that an environment that is calming in her atmosphere, creates clarity, also ignites learners and teachers/trainers to come back for her, and enhances all the pedagogics built in.

Such an environment is also representative, professional. I'm less of a fan of ecclectic learning platforms.

What is art? To me, it's first of all mastery of a craftmanship -
which always includes the hand - head - heart connection (see Sennett 2008).

I love finding and collaborating with masters in their field.

For instance, you may see quite a bit of architecture here. To me, some architects master the art of creating an environment with the lines that define the structure.
Part of the niche work I offer, is exactly in this, the artistic side.

It is why I engage in a season of exploration and experimentation, with actual dedication to conclusions in the form of a light, open-building framework for a learning platform.

I am in touch with artists - alternative and corporate/commercial - who work along these guidelines, graphic or online.

For the coming season, I'm giving this more artistic side of a learning platform all my attention, so that eventually, a client can still have that quality of attention, without all the development costs for a tailored assignment. Tailored is always possible though. Whatever makes sense to you - or ignites you.

Stay tuned...

I made a visual board below. Do also have a browse, through how Kahn designed Light and Shadow.


Exchanges - whilst drawing - with a professor at USP - the largest university of latin america, in Sao Paulo,
on inequality and its spatial, systemic chracteristics in the city of Rio de Janeiro. 2013.

Geo-spatial imagery of the same city, Rio de Janeiro, looking at the fringes of its metropolitan area,
and informal occupation into the mountains.
Series of such imagery greatly enhance possibilities for analysis of what is happening on the ground, see Breimer 2014, 2015.

Atelier for students of architecture in year 1, Technical University of Istanbul (TUI), Istanbul, Turkey, 2015.

Terminal Barcelona Airport. With its curvaceous aluminium roof, floor-to-ceiling glass, and spacious halls, Bogill's design makes Barcelona Airport's Terminal 1 a destination in its own right.

Cohen Preston Sctott's architecture for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.


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