We take up assignments in an organic way -
ensuring we enjoy undivided quality attention, and can be there especially for the client.

We go about our work the Italian way - and invest in first getting to know the client's contactperson/lead in person, before we decide to embark on a more formalised journey.
We believe these journeys need consistency and continuity, not just in terms of capacity development but also because of the level of experimentation, piloting and risks involved, and the local trust working relationships.
It is our experience that collaborations are much more in tune in that way (especially also remotely), and also more pleasant and effective.
It builds a level of trust that can span many years, and take ideas from pilots to actual consolidations.

As StudioBlended we long to create true (pedagogically, technically) quality, collaborating in an interdisciplinary way with experts that not only excell in what they do - but are also wonderful to work with.
From our side it is primarily our Lead consultant who is involved, but we can create an agile core team as well if needed.
Our Lead needs a core team (say 3 experts) on the side of the client too, in order to offer the quality and implemementation capacity and effectiveness that really gets things into actual pilots etc.
Our Lead is experienced in challenging contexts, as well as program management - what StudioBlended offers is the ability to move more lightly and swiftly alongside a client's core team, than perhaps more traditional parties would.

The way we go about consultancy, is to listen carefully and really level with a client at the right level.
Our clients include f.i. international consultancy firms or centers of excellence in capacity development to professionals, working with goverments for instance.

Our Lead consultant is well-versed with the basics of more technical fields of expertise, so that clients can brief us high over, and we can take it from there - into a draft design, budget setup, rolling wave planning suggestion for instance.
Our technical background includes: political systems, macro economics, urban/regional governance, land law - policy - instruments, planning, geospatial, access to affordable safe water, piped water, WASH, incremental housing, urban housing projects, informality, architecture, education, (youth) employment.

Our approach is that of pragmatic idealists - because it is what makes sense for reality on the ground, and a fast changing world of blended learning/teaching.
Also: inherently incremental, rolling wave, piloting, interdisciplinary, equipping you - and aiming to enjoy it all, the journey, with you and the teams we'll collaborate with.

Our signature strenght is that we stay light between experts, teams, which is why we go for short-term alongside consultancy contracts per training/course (1-2 seasons), and together touch base about extensions.

Note: We do not necessarily focus on civil society organisations but you are free to suggest a call to explore if there is a match.

We are based in Europe, and have always worked internationally.

Feel free to reach out directly:
Email info@tikvahbreimer.com
Phone +31 6 42 47 29 69
Skype tikvahbreimer