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I work either from my own drawing table
In the Creative Valley right at the Central Station of the crossroads of the railway in the heart of the Randstad, NL.
Or in public / artist places, such as De Klub / XL.
Presence workingdays
Mon 9.00-16.00
Tue 9.00-16.00
Wed absence
Thu 13.00-17.00 - In the morning, I'm either tending to my trees, out running or swimming, or at a Goldsmith atelier, located at the upcoming artistic werfspoor terrain
Fri 9.00-14.00

Annemieke van Wijngaarden
Head of Finance
Management Team member
VSO civil society organisation
Email a.vanwijngaarden@vso.nl



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Linha de Passe is the studio from which I started on a freelance basis in 2012.

The name Linha de Passe is inspired by the 2008 Brazilian film by Walter Salles and Daniella Thomas.

Linha de Passe is a term from Brazilian football, and refers to a game in which the team stands in a circle, to engage and practice with the famous Brazilian playfulness in football. Each person gets a turn and a moment to play with the ball whilst the team is cheering. When s/he is done, s/he then passes on the ball to the next player.

The film inspired me for the name for my independent consultancy because I believe in interdisciplinary teams. I believe that together, when each can play and bring in his talent, abilities, and expertise something bigger than a simple sum up of the parts comes out. We don't have to be good at everything in such a team, we excell in our part. And that can come with a lot of playfulness.

Registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.


In 2012, I started as freelancer with very first assignment. Following up on an atelier at my university in collaboration with Berlage Designing for Surici, I joined a small international team of architects and anthropologists doing action planning on the ground in the old Basalt courtyard neighborhood in Diyarbakir, Eastern Turkey. It was an exciting and awakening exposure to the beauty and challenges of real-world interdisciplinary teamwork (for instance: what should the deliverables look like, split between storytelling realists and minimalist visionary artists? What do we report back to the overall program?).

In terms of education, by then I had already finished my university education in Anthropology (MSc cum laude) and Urban Management and Development (MSc with distinction). Combined with my training in Bilingual and International Teaching (Master of Education), I now started as Junior staff/lecturer at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) of Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

The IHS expert staff trained me on the job how to operate in the triangle of research/publication, capacity development/training and advisory/projects.

As the institute moved further into integration into academia, and accreditation required all academic staff to do their PhDs, I realised I longed instead to keep my focus on working more directly to impact reality out there in the field of practitioners.

In 2017 I made the switch to international civil society organisations, and found cross-overs with my earlier work on serviced land in the water sector. I started as medior policy officer Water Sanitation and Hygiene with PLAN (UK based), working amongst others on a large WASH SDG program/consortium funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NL). The job trained me in program and portfolio management, for which I later also became certified. I had plenty opportunities in applying these skills, once I worked as project lead in my own city, for another UK based civil society organisation, VSO.

In 2019 I became involved in another large program/consortium funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NL) under the Youth at Heart strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs NL. This program centered on job creation and improvement in 23 countries across the Middle East and Africa. I became part of a core team within the overall consortium, which is led by a private consultancy firm, Palladium, also based in my city in the Creative Valley.

Whilst I worked as part of the team of experts, with time the realisation came, that this is what I enjoy doing most; working interdisciplinary and free minded, coming alongside (rather than managing, or immersing myself), bridging silo's/discours/ideologies, making ideas visible/tangible and creating capacity development for technical professionals.

I realised that for that, I must be able to operate more lightly between experts, teams, layers of an organisation/firm, institutes, corporates, and government. With these basic conditions, I can offer the quality I love to dedicate myself to, within the budget and time frame agreed.

With the worldwide lockdown crashing us all into working remotely, and finding a natural rhytmn and adequate technology in that, new opportunities opened up, and dreams started chasing me.

Earlier, in blissful ignorance of any of the global lockdown and economic crisis that would follow, I had spent the month of January 2020 with a deep friend and urban planner in Medellin. Our time together, and our conversations throughout the year that followed, infused me with more strenght and calm, to acertain what for me are priorities in life. Our health, our rhytmns, our humanity, our beloveds. The climate also, and looking at international flights with new eyes, thinking more in terms of essential quality time live. I enjoyed how work became blended, partly live in public spaces in my city/Europe - over a (take away) espresso - and partly remote, working across the globe from my own drawing table.

It seems appropriate for a change of track to come in times of crisis, indeed it was in the housing crisis that I first quit my permanent contract to go study at IHS. As of 2021, deeply grateful for all the opportunities and people along the road so far since then, I will contintue my work, afresh, with almost a decade more experience, as independent and international consultant.

Museum of Modern Art, Medellin, January 2020.

In rest, quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. Verse, in ancient wisdom books, Isaiah 30:15.