"You are very good at asking direct yet very open questions (to professionals and government representatives in country). Your whole attitude, charm, is anything but offensive. People respond super well to it, and it really gets us forwards".

Independent technical advisor with whom I collaborated in the roll-out of a large WASH program.

"You are an innovative thinker, you give new insights, new approaches. You're unafraid of giving your opinion, even when you know it is different from what the others think".

Independent consultant with whom I collaborated remotely in a large program.

"I like your conceptual thinking".

Teamleader from a Private Consultancy Firm with whom I collaborated on a scoping study.

"I love your writing style. You write very light, lofty. Beautifully lofty. Compact. It appeals to the public it is intended for, including companies. It's also so great to get high-over with you. Give you the broad lines. You're good at researching it all, finding out exactly what it all means, and write it down well. You translate complex theoretical content to ready-made, accessible material. You're really able to make that translation, without losing the key points. You encourage others to think along and collaborate."

Independent consultant with whom I collaborated remotely in a large program.

"You are intelligent - and sensitive. And diligent"

Director in the NGO I work in.

"You enjoy enabling the programs to run well from a we-perspective. You are structured, and like to do things with attention - do them well"

Head of Finance in the NGO I worked in.

"We love your charm".

Colleague expert within an Institute for capacity development of professionals.

"You are not so Dutch. You have more of an European quality in the way you go about things".

Technical advisor, on a monitoring visit to a Country Office on behalf of a Dutch NGO.

"You are so good in crafting texts. Making creative content. And positioning it on Social Media".

Teamleader Marketing and Communication, over a double espresso.