I absolutely love critical advice or feedback on my work. If the atelier teaches you anything, it is exactly that: to make something beautiful for the sake of it.

All the critique, is the challenge to your hand-heart-head connection (Sennett 2008), to make art.

Something else altogether, is feedback about how you work, what it's like to work with you. These are more personal.

And whilst our studio is just starting up, under my lead, I thought it'd be relevant for you to have an idea of what working with me, with us may be like.

A first colombian coffee, upon arrival,
at my professional friend's appartment in Medellin, January 2020.
Por incrivel, wrote Dom Helder Camara by hand,
it seems that the desert is blooming. O deserto e fertil - the desert is fertile, 1974, Dom Helder Camara, North East Brazil.

Ours is the perfect blend of remote calls, and exclusive live/life time together across Europe/Latin America.

You enjoy enabling the programs to run well from a we-perspective. You are structured, and like to do things with attention - do them well. You have the ambition to reach higher (e.g. impact policy), you are strong like that. You need a place for your creativity also.
Ensure your billable hours are all at the right level of mid-senior, and work just those.

It is nice to work with you. You have my full permission to first go and enjoy going to the hairdresser!

Head of Finance in the civil society organisation I worked in.

I really love it as a potential client, how in your budget negotiation tool - this is a stellar job by the way, how you built the tool - you show me - fully transparent - how costs are built up,
and especially, guide me on how we can play around with the tool, to see the effects of options on the budget,
and then you knowleagably guide me, on what the implications will be thereof for the blended platform, and whether or not you think that's a good idea, have an alternative suggestions.

- "I need this for my own work. When can we have that espresso in the park again?"

"Your 6-pager tailored high-over proposal for a framework, is really concise."

"You do a stellar job with budget-tools, showing us all the options and trade-offs, really hands-on and creates clarity on choices we can make instead of being in the dark."

"Can you show me, in your budget-tool, what you would do in terms of roll-out and negotiating this internally/politically?"

"How can we set up the learning on the impact of these trainings over the course of the program (5 years)?"

- Two consortium teamleaders for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a Senior Education, in our last calls, with the budget negotiation tool and open-building framework proposal I left them as a civil society organisation, Jan 2021.

We love your charm.

Architect/Colleague within an Institute for capacity development of professionals, my former thesis supervisor.

Attitude/Authority Tikvah - a terrible thing to waste.

My manager-coach and colleague teacher within an Institute for capacity development of professionals.

You have an organic approach to project management and being the lead. You also make an effort to connect at the human level with professionals you work with.

Senior program manager and colleague at an international civil society organisation, over an espresso and a morning walk in the park close to the office during lockdown.

You are not so Dutch. You have more of an European quality in the way you go about things.

Technical advisor, on a monitoring visit to a Country Office on behalf of an international civil society organisation.

Write from the heart, like you always do.
A deep companion, from the South of Europe (BRC), whose advise and encouragements got me through 2020 job-wise.

You are good at asking direct yet open questions (to professionals and government representatives in country). Your whole attitude, charm, is anything but offensive. People respond super well to it, and it really gets us forwards.

Independent technical advisor with whom I collaborated in the roll-out of a large WASH program funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs NL, on our local fieldvisit to deliver a TOC workshop.

You are an innovative thinker, you give new insights, new approaches. You ask questions we didn't think of. You're unafraid of giving your opinion, even when you know it is different from what the others think.

Independent consultant working internationally at the organisational level of NGO's and with whom I collaborated remotely in a large Ministry of Foreign Affairs NL funded program on youth employment.

I like your conceptual thinking.

Teamleader from a Private Consultancy Firm with whom I collaborated on a scoping study for a large youth employment program Funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs NL.

A strong point you have going for you in being an independent consultant, is that you are good at having a deadline, and ensuring the deliverable, with good quality, within billable hours, on the due date.

Independent consultant with whom I collaborated on a large program funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NL.

I love your writing style. You write light, lofty. Beautifully lofty. Compact. It appeals to the public it is intended for, including companies. It's also so great to get high-over with you. Give you the broad lines. You're good at researching it all, finding out exactly what it all means, and write it down well. You translate complex theoretical content to ready-made, accessible material. You're really able to make that translation, without losing the key points. You encourage others to think along and collaborate.

Independent consultant with whom I collaborated remotely in a large youth employment program funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs NL.

You are strategic in your approach, your thinking, beyond the usual - thinking ahead on timing, and in terms of decades and investments, generations, which impacts how you go about your work; an organic and intuitive yet focused way.
You address matters at the right level of decision-making within an organisation. Your challenge is to allow yourself to voice what you need personally too, and what you feel in the interaction.
You grew a lot in bounciness, and developed that unique and light sense of humor, uniquely yours, which never takes yourself too seriously.

My friend for two decades, program manager in an international civil society organisation.

You are intelligent - and sensitive. And diligent. You're humble. You worry whether things actually land with people.

It's pleasant to work with you.
Your challenge is to simply express a feeling in the interaction with a person in power - its a matter of making enough flight hours, it'll come.
You have my full permission to also now and then, take a lazy day.

Director in the civil society organisation I worked in, on my very last day on contracts for employers.