Photographs can bring such richness to a technical or creative text, bring a deeper understanding.

Whenever I travel, I bring my camera and simply follow the delight of my eyes.

Sometimes certain literature helps me how to look, and sometimes it is the other way around: an image that comes out of curiosity later on brings better understanding to a technical text.

With the gallery below, I creatively stay in tune with my subject of (peri-)urban land markets and access to serviced land - such as water.

It inspires me also, for my involvement with Nuevas Esperanzas - to better understand what the local team is doing in their water projects in communities in Nicaragua.

Below, images posted earlier on the home page can be viewed in a higher resolution. Click on a picture for the full size version.

The text has a (technical) professional audience in mind, mainly from the field of urban management and development, land, housing, water and governance.

Images appear in the order in which they were posted, spontaneously.

Images are free for you to use non-commercially, under the Common Creative Licence Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, meaning reference must be made to the artist and this website, and sharing to others must stay free as well.
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