A light, intuitive, smartphone screen proof site is underway. 2020. The year in which everything changed. Education goes remote over one spring and summer in 2020. Water affordability Move away from individual settlements Argument: Natural monopolies need regulators Why having the government own and manage the water supply system makes sense Universal provision - how? Short-term and long-term solutions Realitycheck: alternative and simultaneous systems are used by the poor Consequences of market-based management frameworks: too little work on affordability Need for a new discourse, so that we can start figuring out how to make water affordable to the poor Water economics: state intervention is required Affordable water: strategies Informal settlements: why focus here and how Affordability: interim measures Argument: attention to water affordability means extending the piped water network Economic costs of intermittend water Alternatives: informal and semiformal processes Watereconomics: what do the poor already pay? Concept 1991, 2010: water as a human right History lesson early 2000s: "low cost" water can still be unaffordable Watereconomics: willingness to pay and the lack of piped water Why affordability has been ignored History lesson 1990s: even the rain History lesson 1980s: the so-called profitable water market does not exist Opening statement: urban water crisis underestimated Opening statement: equitable access Opening statement: piped utility water is the most affordable Source of a mighty River Like a Tree Being yourself Chega de Saudade How do you make big shadows? What does it mean to follow your own destiny? What makes managing projects in the development sector unique and especially challenging? From the stories... What does the difference between capacity building and capacity development look like? How can form aid function? What impact does a structure/building, have on our lives? How can form follow function? Why is this blue gold? Auditorium What is the melody of a panorama? What defines the ideal city of the future? What do we need for a more inclusive city? The low middle and working class (reification) What do we need for a more inclusive city? The ultra rich (reification) What do we need for a more inclusive city? The high middle and rich class (reification) What do we need for a more inclusive city? The poor in the peripheries (reification) What happens when WASH is introduced to the peri urban land market? Madrid awaiting in tension: democracy is an open end What is the best architecture to gaze at the sky? Awaiting a starlett sky. Courtyard paradox. What is the perverse logic of water price? A sky full of stars. Let the winds of heaven dance between you. Beaches belong to us, humanity. Eternity is a moment. From the old astronomer (to his pupil). Infinitive. Nature is a set of contracts. Not poor. Still: trapped in informality. What is the Law of the Forest? Are we in or with the Earth? When did we start to specifically take urban land markets as an object of study? 1879? When did we start to specifically take urban land markets as an object of study? 1983? Eve. Possibly the most misguided ideas: zoning policies and an anti-pedestrian stance What is the hidden wonder of exposure to beauty in a sea of raw human reality? What is mightier than the mighty rivers of the tropical forest? What is the speed of expansion? What is the meaning of public squares? Rooftop along mighty Nile river Urban beyond the city? What does it mean when it is written 'the poor you will always have with you'? Is relocation necessarily bad? Realitycheck: where to? Inequality and feeling the possibility of a higher social state - an antique? The magic of an awaiting classroom. Is this coexistence? Soundcloud How can one enter if one is the mountain? What are the three key factors that influence the value of a piece of land? Gallo pinto - "spotted rooster" - food for thought on World Food Day Whose public space? Semi-permeable gated communities World Urban Forum 6 Use before finalisation The urban garden Cross point favela/UNESCO Invading fertile soil Anticipating without funds Refuge city In-situ upgrading of the incremental.
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