"Whatever you do, always remember to apply common sense. It is perhaps the most neglected tool."
Payne (1983, 2000).

My name is Tikvah Breimer (MSc MEd MSce), and I am well versed with teaching/training of (technical) professionals live - and I deeply feel where teachers and trainers are coming from.

I also work in technical fields of expertise myself, in the triangle of advisory, capacity development and publication.
I am passionate about a democracy that delivers to its people in technical matters of land, water, and employment.

With that passion for the technical content and learning,
I both identify with teachers/trainers in trying to bring their education across,
and with what professional learners need and want in blended learning.

Suddenly in 2020 - most of the learning crashed into remote environments, and 2021+ will shape new perceptions of live time.

What can I contribute to understanding optimal blended learning environments?

Exactly 1 year ago - in blissful ignorance of any of the global lockdown crisis that was about to forever change our concept of 'live' and 'remote' (and distance) -
view over informal settlements in Medellin. Medellin, Colombia, January 2020.

I would love to see blended learning offered in such a way, that both learners and teacher/trainers and the client,
feel it makes sense, allures them.

Ultimately, this is also about the art of making live time - which will become more exclusive in the post global lockdown era - optimal.

Conceptually, what makes most sense - to me, is an approach similar to open-building in architecture (Breimer 2011).
A light robust framework, made resilient to last up to a decade because it allows (dynamic) autonomy for the client, teacher/trainers.
Fit for purpose, such as inventive with financial and time limitations of a client, not just now, but over time too -
open enough to be flexible to yet unknown flux in technology, use of devices, trends - and crisis really.

Artistically - I long to create the pedagogical learning environment that optimally stimulates blended learning.

I truly love what I do - and at least so do clients say, I do a stellar job at high over open-bulding framework and coupling budget tool desgin.
Not because I go over billable hours - but exactly because of this, I love doing a good job, for the sake of it, and visual, spatial and conceptual thinking - coupled with hands-on tools like excel - are my essence.

I have so much experience first hand in training design, development and roll out, in-country or on-location -
allow me to think alongside you, give you consultancy, on that optimalisation of live time.

In 2021, when the timing makes sense amidst the flux in piloting in the field, I will come with a light, lean, smartphone-proof site, where you as a client can intuitively go about various options fit for your purpose.

To that end, I am open to clients who are interested in sharing development costs in the form of matching time input.

When you enter this site on a laptop or PC screen (it won't adjust to your smartphone since it was built in 2012),
bear in mind, it might come across a bit static, but it is also still here, because through immersing yourself in it, it tells you a story about the sense and nonesense of all the platform offers out there.
Sometimes you just have to play with a framework, to better realise, through the inspiration or the contrast - what it is that you want, and most importantly: what you need.

Allow me to think with you, informally, on what you need, for your material and your learners.

I usually come alongside an client, whilst I lead independently. I don't believe in competition, and where relevant will suggest complementary expertise.

I have always loved to make my own work, and this is how I set out for 2021 based on what I understand is needed.
Possibly therefore, you may be curious, but I'm not exactly matching what you look for.
Do feel free to suggest a call or live meeting (when possible again), to interact about it. I'm keen to see where we have synergies, and I'm sure it'll be inspiring for both.

You will find my contactdetails onder contact.

Tikvah Breimer

Stay tuned via Tikvah Breimer LinkedIn.

I am based in Europe, and have always worked internationally.

"Only dialogue truly communicates" - wrote Paulo Freire. Let's have an informal conversation to see how we match and where our synergies are.

Feel free to reach out directly:
Email info@tikvahbreimer.com
Phone +31 6 42 47 29 69
Skype tikvahbreimer


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